6 Ways to Preserve Your Claim After an Oregon Car Accident

Taking steps to preserve your claim after an accident can make or break your legal case. Gathering evidence is one of the most important aspects of your personal injury claim. You can take the following steps to help preserve your claim after a car crash in Oregon:     Get medical attention immediately. Your health and safety are the most important consideration after an accident. Seek medical attention Read More

Understanding Oregon “Loss of Consortium”

Loss of consortium is a claim for damages brought by the spouse of a person who has been injured or killed due to the tortious acts of another person. Its legal basis is that, due to the defendant’s actions, the injured or deceased person can no longer provide the same love, companionship, affection, and other benefits that they provided before the injury or death. Consequently, their spouse demands compensation for Read More

Oregon Auto Accident Liability: What You Need to Know

There are situations where one person is entirely and clearly at fault for an automobile accident or another’s injury. However, these circumstances are not always common. Instead, many accidents are the fault of more than one person, including the injured victim. In those situations, determining liability may be difficult because each party shares a portion of the blame. Oregon, like many states, has comparative Read More

Understanding Oregon’s Dog Bite and Owner Liability Laws

Dog bites can be extremely frightening. They may result in virtually no injury at all, to severe, life-changing damages. As unlikely or improbable as getting a dog bite injury may seem to you, the reality is that there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners who have not properly trained their dog. Or they may have trained their dog to be aggressive, hostile, and ready to injure whoever seemingly threatens them. Read More

What You Need to Know If Your Passenger Was Injured in an Accident

When most people think of car accidents, they consider the rights of the other driver, but the passengers are sometimes forgotten. However, passengers are often more vulnerable to sudden impacts in motor vehicle accidents. Passengers have less time to react and no time to prepare. In some situations, this results in more severe injuries and long-term health problems. Passengers have legal rights just like drivers Read More

A Brief Overview of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur any time that a head injury occurs such as a bump, jolt, or blow. Such action causes damage to the brain that can result in long-term medical problems or death. There are millions of people in the United States that suffer from brain injuries each year. Roughly half of those require a visit to the hospital. Interestingly, approximately half of all traumatic brain injuries Read More

Slip-and-Fall Injuries: What You Need to Do to Protect Your Claim

Slip and fall accidents may not seem like a big deal at the time, but they can be serious, with long-term negative side effects. If you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you may be able to assert a legal claim. However, there are certain steps that you must take immediately to protect your claim going forward. Use this blog as a “getting started” guide, and then call Clarke Griffin to set up a free case Read More

How to Get the Best Possible Settlement from an Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company plays a big part in most accident claims, particularly after car accidents in Oregon. Because Oregon is a “fault” state, the insurance company of other party involved in an accident will often be on the hook for your damages and losses after a car crash. A representative from the insurance company will typically call you after the accident to discuss settlement options. It may be tempting to Read More

Why Drafting a Will on Your Own Might Be a Mistake

Technically speaking, it is possible for you to draft your own will. However, this is rarely a good idea. Wills have certain legal requirements that must be met to be valid, and DIY will-makers rarely have a full understanding of what these legal requirements entail. If your will is determined invalid, your estate will pass using the intestate laws in Oregon. Unfortunately in some circumstances, this can result in Read More

Understanding Oregon Defamation Laws

If someone says something bad about you, whether it is oral or written, you may have a legal claim against them for the damage to your reputation that the statement may have caused. These statements that cause damage to your reputation are known as “defamation.” There are two types of defamation: slander and libel. Slander is defamation that is communicated verbally, while libel is defamation that is communicated Read More

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