4 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

Trying to make a claim to your insurance company after a car accident can be an absolute nightmare—especially when you consider all the red tape you have to go through to get the monetary protection you’ve been paying for. We understand the frustration and sleepless nights a situation like this can cause. They say “prevention is better than cure,” so this blog will discuss what you can do to simplify the process in order to bring a successful claim:

Tip 1: Avoid a recorded statement

Insurance companies like to tell you that this is standard practice and simply part of the routine, but this is exactly what they will use against you to try and minimize your claim. A recorded statement rarely (if ever) helps with your claim, so try to stay clear.

Tip 2: The doctor should bill your insurance company

Although a lot of people have private insurance to pay for medical bills, a lot of doctors and chiropractors won’t bill your coverage. The biggest reason for this is the fact that they can get more money once your settlement has been finalized. But, although it means more money in THEIR pockets, it essentially means less money in yours. The reason being that many doctors and clinics have contracts with the insurance companies to accept lower fees.  By not clearly stating that all bills should go to the insurance company, you are ensuring that you will receive less in the end once a settlement has been reached.

Tip 3: Don’t settle too quickly

To successfully settle a claim in Oregon, you generally have up to two years, which means that you have plenty of time to think about your options. A lot of the times people feel like they will be able to recover from their injuries quickly and they settle for the first amount offered—but people underestimate their injuries, and what you felt was a minor injury can result in chronic medical attention.  Beware, though. Don’t wait too long if you plan to hire an attorney or if you want to negotiate a settlement without filing a lawsuit to protect your claim.  

Tip 4: Let your attorney do the talking

Adjusters will need to evaluate the claim; do not take it upon yourself to give them all the necessary information. Rather, let your attorney do it. It is important for the adjusters to know that a legal professional is on the case and that they are liable if they do their job incorrectly. If you’ve got a knowledgeable attorney, they will know exactly what to send to the adjuster in order to make a proper evaluation. This is absolutely crucial if you think and believe that litigation will be necessary to get a decent settlement.

Clarke Griffin is highly skilled when it comes to Oregon personal injury claims, and we urge you to contact us immediately if you think you have a possible personal injury claim.

Written by Clarke Griffin

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